Commercial Space Design

Commercial Space Design

Working with the right architect thru your tenant fit out process will make what can be overwhelming easier and more understandable. The right architect will be able to develop a design which fulfills your needs as well as comply with all of the required building code and accessibility requirements. It’s a niche skill, and you’re focused on your core business. Unless you happen to know of an expert in office space design, you’re probably not sure where to start.

FJ Baehr Architects wants to make it easy for you.

Our highly collaborative, knowledgeable team brings the same careful eye and consideration to every project. We develop and design projects of any size, for any client, to their complete satisfaction. When it comes to commercial space planning and design, you’ve come to the right place.

What is your vision?

Maybe you want to relocate to a new space and develop your dream open concept plan. Or you simply want to renovate the space you are in and avoid leasing additional space or relocating. We can provide a range of services to get your business situated in the best way possible.

We’ll help you:

  • Reconfigure – Maybe your business has grown in size, or recently changed location. We’ll help you optimize the space you have eliminating the need for additional space or future relocations.
  • Optimize work and traffic flow – FJ Baehr Architects understanding of space planning will make the difference between a functional space and one that just looks good. We will draw on our years of experience in designing solutions for businesses just like yours.
  • Devise creative storage solutions – We know how to apply concepts that work for any space. We’ll consider the equipment you need now and what you’ll need to store and come up with a solution that has everyone singing praises.
  • Interior Design – We have Interior Designers on hand to work with you. They will work within your budget using their extensive knowledge of interior finish materials to create a cohesive interior design that represent your brand and business.