Working Toward Lowering Energy Use in Buildings

Imagine being able to harness the sun’s rays streaming through your windows to heat your indoor living space. What if your family could be comfortable and healthier indoors during every season of the year? Now picture your bank account after you’ve enjoyed up to nearly 70 percent in energy savings.

All of this and more can be yours with a Passive House Design. FJ Baehr Architects is proud to be able to offer its clients all of the benefits that come with a passive house, including lowering energy usage and more.

FJ Baehr Architects: Certified in Passive House Design to bring you the ultimate in fresh, clean air; environmental footprint; and energy efficiency

Passive House Design is the way of the future. Not only can we improve indoor air quality through a filtered ventilation system, we can make your home or office energy efficient by reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling.

  • Leverage heat from the sun by orienting your home in the sun’s pathPassive House Design Pittsburgh
  • Recycle the heat generated from cooking, cleaning, appliances and computer usage
  • Enjoy fresh, clean air that minimizes reactions to allergens by heating incoming air with exhaust air and incorporating dehumidifiers.
  • Ease dry skin and reduce respiratory illnesses
  • Prevent heat from penetrating the home with the help of certain architectural techniques such as insulation and shading and superior window technology
  • Relish the peace and quiet inside your home

Passive House Design can be applied to new and existing structures and commercial properties as well. Offices, schools, and grocery stores can all benefit from a certified architect overseeing the necessary design.


Design and construction

  • Passive solar design and landscape
  • Superinsulation
  • Advanced window technology
  • Airtightness
  • Ventilation
  • Space heating
  • Lighting and electrical appliances


Interested in learning more?

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