Tips for planning your home renovation

Are you considering a home renovation? This may be your first project, but FJ Baehr -Architects has a long, proud history of working with clients on home remodeling. Pittsburgh-based, we provide clients with not only the services they need but the confidence that each seemingly small decision will come together in the end just as they envisioned.

Here’s the inside scoop on home renovations Pittsburgh-style.

Make a remodeling plan and stick with it

Having a solid plan upfront will save you time and money in the long run. Home Remodeling PittsburghIdeally, your builder will let you know when certain decisions need to be made but don’t wait until the last minute or put off the decision making, however tempting that may be since you don’t always know what you want. Worse yet, try not to alter the plan. Your single modification may have a big ripple effect. One delay may lead to many.


Stay true to your home

When planning your renovation, it’s often best to stay true to the architecture of the home. A grand Victorian will call for a vastly different kitchen than an urban loft. You also want to be sure that every remodel is consistent with the style of the home for re-sell value.


Think big picture

You’re investing time and money in your home renovation, so be sure you consider the big picture. Will imported tiles in the powder room earn you a return on your investment if the rest of your home is vinyl-floored? Are the renovations going to enhance your home, keeping it on par with the rest of the neighborhood, or are you out-pricing yourself if you should need to sell? Adding a second story to a home located in a neighborhood of all ranch style homes might not be the best use of your money.


Plan to live elsewhere during the renovation

We realize that making other accommodations isn’t always possible, but while planning your renovation, why not schedule it for a time of year when you and the kids and dog can be away? If not, keep young children and pets away from the home. Safety is always an issue when you have construction work going on, not to mention the mess, stress, and noise. It’s easier for everyone if you and your family can plan to be elsewhere during a renovation.


Not sure where to start?

Call on a trusted architect, such as FJ Baehr – Architects, for help with everything from start to finish. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Poor decisions cost you money. That’s why it’s important to leverage the expertise of a professional from the start, while you’re still in the planning phase of your home renovations. Pittsburgh-based, FJ Baehr – Architects offers an experienced, proven team who will help you remodel with confidence. Call us today!