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Benefits of Hiring an Architect for Residential Work

The thought of a residential construction project can be daunting whether it’s a new home, kitchen remodel or three-story addition, there are many decisions to make.  These decisions will affect the cost of the construction as well as impact how you live in your home for years to come.

Why hire an architect?

The decision to hire an Architect might not be considered by many people due to the upfront costs involved.  However, the decision to do so most likely will result in a more successful project.  An Architect has the professional knowledge as well as the experience to handle all aspects of the project from design thru construction. This process can involve many steps.  They can include initial design and design development, construction drawings which can include structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and analysis. Other items also include exterior and interior materials and finishes such as cabinetry, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures, siding and windows, the list goes on. An architect provides the guidance and oversight to ensure that the project progresses smoothly thru these steps resulting in a successful project.

Benefits of a Professional Architectural Firm

An Architect provides more than just evaluation and design, they assist you throughout the complicated design and construction process, protecting your interests and providing support. A quality Architect can assist you in a number of ways, making them well worth the cost:

  • Understanding the scope of the project – An Architect sees more than just the intended design, they see the project as a whole. This ability to coordinate all aspects of project will minimize unforeseen problems and costly errors.
  • Knowing which permits are necessary for the job – Each municipality in the Pittsburgh area has their own unique permitting process. An Architect will help guide you thru the necessary steps to ensure that the project is complying with all required building codes.
  • Experience with local contractors – An Architects prior experience working with local construction professionals allows them to make reliable recommendations for your project. Working with the right contractors will ensure a more enjoyable and successful project experience.


Hiring the right Architect allows you to tap into their experience as well as their expertise, making them well worth their fees. Before you plan your commercial or residential construction projects, consult with FJ Baehr Architects. Our experience and our commitment to producing successful results help us to translate our clients’ dreams into results.